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The best way to make sure your favorite sporting firearm is ready when you need it is to let our gunsmiths look it over and tune it up for you prior to the shooting season. Strip cleaning should be completed, at a minimum, once a year to ensure the proper function of your firearm.

Whether you are going on a hunt of a lifetime or you are just heading to the range for the day. You need to be sure that your firearm is in tip top shape. Bring it into Allen-Giles Arms for all of your service needs.

Most of our work is done in-house, however we do contract some processes to other specialists in the trade such as color case hardening, electroplating, and some choke work. We believe that the gunsmithing trade is highly specialized and no one can be 'expert' in every facet; therefore, at times we will refer customers with certain jobs to others in the trade that may specialize in their specific need. We are glad to do this in order to provide our customers access to the best possible skills and service available.

We will take great care of your firearm and ensure that it is returned to you in the finest shooting shape, as per your requests.

The kind of quality work we pride ourselves on takes time, to learn, to master, and to complete, and that is exactly what we have built our reputation on.

When you entrust us with your firearm for repair or alterations, please feel confident that it will receive the care and attention that it deserves.

FFL Services

  • If you need a gun transferred to you, have it sent to Allen-Giles Arms.

  • Firearm transfer service fee is $10 for the first firearm, and $5 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time.

  • Click here for more details

Selling Your Firearm

Firearm Repairs

  • General Repairs

  • Custom Repairs

  • Safety Checks

Gun Restoration & Cleaning

  • Cleaning and Storage Preparation

  • Firearm Restorations


Firearm Enhancements

  • Accuracy Enhancement

  • Barrel Channel Floating

  • Night Sight Installation

  • Recoil Pad Installation

  • Scope Installation

  • Stock and Length of Pull Adjustment

  • Trigger and Action Jobs

Gun Refinishing / Bluing

  • Factory Finish

  • Custom Polish Finish

  • Custom Satin Finish

  • Deluxe Finish

  • Blue Dip

  • Slow Rust Blue

  • Parkerizing

  • Nitre Bluing 


  • Pistols (semi and single action)

  • Rifles (semi and bolt)

  • Shotguns (pump and semi)

  • Scopes/Optics (installing/mounting and boresighting)

Services: Services
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