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"FFL eZ Check" is a system that was designed by the ATF to allow a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) who has a copy of another FFL's license to verify or authenticate the license PRIOR TO shipping or disposing of a firearm(s) to the requesting licensee. The website will verify the information shown on the license to determine if it is still valid.

If an FFL  license cannot be completely validated within "FFL eZ Check" (all data matching), we will not transfer the firearm, and the firearm will be disposed-of to the ATF.

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For booking a firearm transfer, please do not book your transfer, until we have notified you that your firearm has been received and is ready to be transferred.

Though tracking information may show it has been delivered, we still must process it, and prepare it for transfer.

If you schedule a transfer prior to being notified your firearm is processed, we will cancel your appointment, and you will have to reschedule based on when we notify you your firearm is ready for transfer.

Transfer Fees Starting Jan. 1, 2023

  • All FFL transfers of firearms and ATF accessories will be $25 for the first firearm, and $5 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time.

  • If Applicable, an administrative fee of $20 for filing ATF Form 3310.4, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers, with ATF and Indiana State Police.

  • The transfer fee will still be $0.00 (zero/notta) for Active Law Enforcement Officers and Active Military Members.

  • Transfers will be cash only.

Firearm Transfer

Allen-Giles Arms provides incoming and outgoing transfers of new and used firearms for our customers. Allen-Giles Arms will accept firearms from both Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers and private individuals with the proper documentation. All transfers are processed Monday thru Friday in the order in which they are received.

Transfers are by appointment only, and are scheduled online via the above 'Book Your Transfer Here' link.

Allen-Giles Arms Transfer Fees:

Handguns/Long guns (Title 1)

  • All FFL transfers of firearms and ATF accessories is $25 for the first firearm, and $5 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time.

  • The transfer fee is $0.00 (zero/notta) for Active Law Enforcement Officers and Active Military Members.

  • We accept cash, money orders, or certified checks.

*** Handguns MUST be shipped 2-Day Express

*** Long guns are shipped ground unless otherwise specified by the customer

*** Insurance is available at $1 per hundred-dollar value on items shipped

*** Items shipped to Hawaii and Alaska will incur actual shipping cost

*** Transfer fees will apply to firearms NOT purchased at Allen-Giles Arms

*** Newly purchased firearms from Allen-Giles Arms being shipped within 30 days will not incur transfer fees (shipping fees will apply)


Incoming Transfers

  • For the efficient processing of incoming transfers, it is vital that the receiving customer’s name and contact number be included with the firearm(s). Transfers received without the proper information content will be assessed an additional administrative fee of $25.00/per firearm, set aside and processed when time permits.

  • Please note that receiving a delivery notification from UPS/USPS/FedEx DOES NOT mean that the item(s) is ready for pickup. All transferred firearm(s) will be available for pickup ONLY AFTER the customer has been contacted by one of Allen-Giles Arms Transfer Agents. We will notify the customer by either email, text, or a phone call to the number on file. If there is no answer, a voice mail will be left, and a note will be placed on the customers file. Transfer agents will only make 1 attempt to contact the customer and it is up to the customer to follow up.

All incoming transfers will be processed in the order that they are received. Transfers are only processed Monday – Friday. Our transfer agents strive to process transfers within 48hrs of receipt (weekends & holidays NOT included), however this is not always possible during high volume periods.

  • Customers have 15 calendar days to pick up transferred firearms, unless other arrangements have been made between the customer and the Warehouse Manager. All transfers must be picked up within 15 days of arrival. Any transfer picked up after 15 days of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $35.00.

  • Firearms picked up more than 45 days after arrival will incur an additional fee of $70.00.

  • Firearms not picked up after 90 days will be considered abandoned and sold.

  • Exceptions to this policy will only be granted to Military personnel who are currently serving overseas.

  • See abandoned firearms policy

Transfers from Private Individuals

  • In addition to the receiving customer’s name and contact number, ALL transfers received from Private Individuals MUST have a readable copy/picture/scan of the sender’s valid State driver’s license with their current physical address on it, and a current contact number. It is your responsibility to make sure that the seller/shipper is aware of this before shipping your transfer. Transfers received without the proper information content will be assessed an additional administrative fee of $25.00/per firearm, set aside and processed when time permits.

Picking up Your Transfer

To pick up your transfer you must have the following:

  • A valid Indiana driver’s license or any issued Indiana State ID with your current physical address on it, as required by the ATF.

  • Other acceptable proof of Indiana residency such as: Indiana motor vehicle registration, Indiana voter registration card, Indiana hunting or fishing license.

  • Completion of ATF Form 4473 (Required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms).

  • A NICS background check completed prior to releasing the firearm, including a ‘Procced’ issued by NICS. Even if you have a Concealed Weapon Permit, we are required to perform a background check.

Outgoing Transfers

  • Allen-Giles Arms provides the service of shipping outgoing transfers for our customers. By law, Allen-Giles Arms can only transfer firearms to another FFL dealer and handguns must be shipped 2nd Day Express. Long guns will be shipped ground unless otherwise specified and paid for by the customer.

  • When a customer purchases a firearm from Allen-Giles Arms and wishes to ship it out within 30 days, only an appropriate shipping fees will apply. Transfer fees will apply to all firearms not purchased at Allen-Giles Arms and firearms purchased at Allen-Giles Arms shipped after the aforementioned time period.

  • Allen-Giles Arms ships all firearms with FedEx exclusively and insurance is available at the cost of $1 per hundred-dollar value. For the protection of the firearm(s) being shipped, it is preferred that customers bring the firearm in the original box/packaging, or an aftermarket soft or hard case, however we will accept firearms without them. Allen-Giles Arms will provide packing materials and shipping boxes as part of our transfer service, at an additional fee.

  • No firearms are shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or California.

  • Allen-Giles Arms Transfer Agents are highly proficient at working with lawyers, executors, wills, and trusts.  Please contact the Warehouse Manager at for answers and appropriate direction to accommodate your needs during this sensitive time.

Please Note:

  • We reserve the right to refuse any transaction that we deem is unlawful and/or suspicious.

  • We will report any attempted illegal transaction to the local Law Enforcement, Indiana State Police, and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) immediately. This includes the attempted transfer or sale of a firearm that has been illegally modified or straw purchases.

  • Your transfer must be picked up by the person to whom it is addressed.

  • You cannot have a spouse, family member, or friend pick it up for you.

  • Once notified that the firearm is completed or has been received in the store, the customer will have 15 days to pick up their merchandise.

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